How do groups work? (Apartment units in one building)

In some cases, property owners rent several units in one building. Address and GPS coordinates are, consequently, almost identical. 

Partner-websites of EveryStay may interpret wrongly those units as duplicates and won't show each single unit in their search results. 

In order to avoid such cases, we have build the the group function. Each unit can be mapped as part of a building and will be displayed as a multi-apartment-house.

Usually is the address not the only shared characteristic between units in one building but description, region, etc.  

Application on Website

Please go to Groups on the top, right-hand side of the screen. Select the green button add new group.


  To begin with, choose a name for the group such as the name of the building

Once this is done, please define the following attributes/items wich apply for all of the units such as:

- Address (street name, city, zip code, region and sub-region)

- Description of the Building and enviroment

- Amenities, e.g. shared swimming pool or parking space

- Information regarding the location 

- Pictures of the exterior view and attractions 

If you already created listings for units, you can still match it to the group afterwards. 

Please don't forget to press Save at the end!