How do I synchronise with Ciirus?

Within Ciirus please activate EveryStay as one of your Channels to begin the syncing process.

Activating the connection between CiiRUS and EveryStay is a simple process. You can find EveryStay in your Ciirus SuperSite agent page. Go to Channel Manager, SuperSites, Configure Properties for your Agents, and EveryStay can be found there. Alternatively, you can find EveryStay via the Channel Manager section below:

  1. Reservations & Quoting and then
  2. Select Channel Manager.
  3. EveryStay will then appear in the list of tabs in the tab section. Click the EveryStay tab in order to enable EveryStay as a channel partner in CiiRUS,
  4. Check the box that states "Enable EveryStay Sync?".

After enabling the Sync, please make note of your User ID number and contact EveryStay as they will ask for this when creating your account. Once you supply your User ID number, EveryStay will set your account and begin the activation and syncing process.

If you have any questions about activation, please contact Ciirus on:
Address: Ciirus, Inc - 1012 Emmett St, Kissimmee, FL 34741
Phone: (321) 251 8020