How do I set up my calendar?

You can set-up your calendar in two easy ways. These two options will be displayed in the video and the text below:

First Way: Go to the section Bookings, then on the top right corner, click the green button Edit Calendar and a pop-up window will appear.


In the pop-up window below, you'll be able to block your calendar for a specific time period. For example, your property is already booked by a guest outside of EveryStay or you won't be able to host any guests.

Both options - Unavailable & Booking - under Type will block your calendar for the dates entered.

Next step is to select the Property you'd like to adjust your calendar for.

Any other fields blow Property are optional for you to fill in and are for your own information. 


Second Way: You can block dates directly in the calendar as shown in the following example.


Simply click on the start date, followed by the end date. All dates in between will be highlighted and a pop-up for you to take action will appear. By pressing the button Block, your calendar will appear as unavailable for this time period. (If you press Add, you'll be able to leave additional information.)


The same logic applies if you want to unblock your calendar. Simply click on the dates you'd like to unblock and press Delete